Why Choose Us?

We know you have other choices, and we appreciate you checking us out. Why should you buy from us instead of other "We Buy Houses" companies?

1) We are local buyers. Many "we buy houses" websites are set up to take leads nationally and sell or distribute thsoe leads to investors that have no standard buying procedures and may not even have funding in place to purchase. When you fill out their form, you have no idea who will come to your door! We are not a lead generator for other investors. We will deal with you personally and directly.

2) We are the actual purchasers of your home. Some real estate companies are set up simply to attempt to sell the contract they get with you to another investor. That means purchasing is out of your control and it may not even settle if they can't find someone to purchase the home for higher than what they have it under contract for. We do the actual purchasing and renovating of homes. Other investors bring their contracts to us to settle. Cut out "the middle man" and save money by coming to us directly.

3) Fast, but friendly, service - We'll listen to your individual situation, treat you with respect, and do our best to solve your home selling issues.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. We can be reached at: 214-444-8103

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